Interesting fact? I’ve been living and designing in Atlanta since 2014 and all that time I’ve had only two wheels for transportation. Living that biker life, ever since inheriting a motorcycle from my mom.

You can put away your mental image of big tattoos and lots of leather, I’m not really like that (although my riding jacket /is/ leather). For the most part I’m more of a quiet soul. I like to put my head down and solve problems, figure out how things work and how to improve….well, whatever. Shoot me an idea, I’ll be happy to extrapolate on it’s ins and outs…or just tell you what I don’t know yet!

Exploring problems is what drove me to become a designer; a visual one specifically, because I also have a creative spirit that likes to craft things. Design for me is less about being artistic, however, and really about the exploration of problems and solutions. Probably why User Experience is so fascinating to me, that exploration.

I guess one last comment I can make about myself is that I never really stop exploring, in my own way. I’m a sponge for new, usually random and unrelated, information. Music? How about a podcast? Or an audio book!

Like what you see?

I’m currently looking to contribute my skills with a new team.

Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting
by Robert McKee