Personal Data Visualization

Understanding how life events changed my taste in music

Project summary

What would my music history look like? That question spurred this project. While I am not a musically inclined person and my tastes can be...non-traditional, I thought it would be interesting to comb through my itunes history and see how my music tastes have changed; only to discover a strong correlation with life events.

Project details





Genre, Quantity, Time

An isometric chart style was chosen because I wanted a way to strongly contrast the individual genres against each other, over time. This style creates an impact that would have been lost in a more standard chart. However, for further clarity and more specific details, a breakdown of each genre is provided as well.

Life Events

The most personal and striking details relate to the ways my listening patterns strongly corresponded with major life events. My struggles with questions of God, morality, and mortality, along with the following conclusions, are clearly replicated in the kind of music I chose to consume.

Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting
by Robert McKee