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Creating real connections through better conversations.

Project summary

While the use of social media has connected society more than ever, it has simultaneously hidden us behind screens and created a barrier between real connections. Verb is an application designed to address this issue by using the same social media tools with which we are familiar, to spark real life interactions.

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Tayler DiPaolo,
Rebecca Quinn


UX Design,
UI Design

Find new possibilities for conversation

Verb creates opportunities for interaction by allowing users to see who is nearby, what kind of conversation they are in the mood for, and what that persons favorite topics are.

Let others know you’re in the mood to chat

Finding a conversation can also involve being found. Whether you’re looking for casual company, need to vent, or just need a shoulder to cry on. Verb makes it easy to let people know the kinds of conversation you are looking for.

Change moods or turn off discoverability fast

Privacy is important, and you may not always want to talk. Quickly disable Verb any time you want to be left alone!

Get prompted by shared interests

Users that allow Verb to continue to run in the background will be prompted anytime another user's voice or profile is detected in your immediate vicinity, Then provide you with a few conversation starters!

Have a conversation, make a new friend

There is no messaging in Verb, go have a real life conversation! Make a new friend, and verb will recognize when you connect.

Keep track of the things you talk about

Use Verb over time and users will build their own personal journal of the conversations they've had, the topics they talk about, and gain some insight on their speech habits.

Improve your conversations

Using information collected by Verb, users are offered a clear picture of how they talk, the words they use, and what they talk about. Allowing priceless insights into ways to improve their conversations and social skills.

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